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I embrace the feeling body as a source of inherent wisdom, housing the vitality that wants itself expressed through us, AS us, and IN THIS LIFE. I espouse alignment as a tool for physical stability, strength and safety, and equally as one for deepening intimacy, honouring  embodiment, and supporting whole, engaged living.

Having navigated depression for many years now, yoga asana remains the primary form of movement medicine for me. There is something about seamless flow through interwoven shapes, and/or pouring my whole presence and breath into longer holds that seems to deliver me back home, again and again.

 I am most interested in the insights and teachings found in everyday life, and speak openly and honestly about the full spectrum of the human experience. I truly believe that the sharing of our own stories is fundamental to human connection and evolution. My offerings will often integrate teachings of the subtle body, myth, archetype, the divine feminine, and my love of mantra and sound.  


Currently, I am devoting my time to supporting teachers in their development, and working one-on-one with private clients, or small groups. I can also be found leading nearby workshops and teacher intensives, with the occasional weekend retreat.  If you love the energy of  a public class, you may find me stepping in occasionally at some of our most beloved yoga studios, including One Yoga for the People, Stretch , and Dharma Temple .

I have presented at Wanderlust Whistler, the Whistler Yoga Conference and the Victoria Yoga Conference.  I am the former program director of the Advanced Teacher Training Program at the Vancouver School of Yoga (now Vancouver School of Healing Arts), and prior to, a senior teacher and teacher mentor for several years with YYOGA. I love guest teaching within teacher trainings, collaborating with some of my superbly skilled colleagues, and traveling to meet other dedicated communities. 

I love summer most, but always welcome seasons; engrossing fiction and the power of a perfectly crafted sentence;  80s power ballads and sad songs; slow fashion and high waists; savoury foods and baked goods. When all is said and done, I can be easily bribed with anything that smells really, really good.

I live in East Vancouver with my husband, Greg, and our three daughters; Olive, Uma and Elle; all who keep me on the ground and inspired to live a life in colour.