As my teachers have done for me, I am committed to supporting and guiding you to be the most skillful and present teacher that you can be.

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I had practiced Yoga for some time before meeting Christine, but she was the first teacher who made me fall in love with Yoga. Her clarity, warmth, wisdom, and experience create a unique class accessible to each imaginable being. After taking class for years and mentoring with her, I would recommend her offerings in a heartbeat. I'm proud to call her my teacher. 
-Sean Haleen 500-ERYT


“Christine has a gift; the gift of shining a guiding light so you may find your way to meet your true teacher, the brilliant light within your Self.  Christine is an intuitive blend of nurturer, motivator, taskmaster, and friend. As a mentor she helped me dig deep to cultivate clarity and precision in my teaching in order to serve my students with a more holistic and unified offering.  I am blessed to have Christine in my life.”

- Kate Misurka, MisurkaYoga™ and founder of Yoga4StiffGuys™